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About Us

Kula, in different local Indian languages has many meanings - community, kinship, family, like-mindedness.

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Why Kula?

“Only 1 in 10 craft-led MSMEs in India have easy access to finance” 

Kula Conclave attendees waiting for the sessions to start, at the inclusive forum hosted by 200 Million Artisans in Bangalore, July 2023

India’s many creative and cultural enterprises want access to the right finance, the right support and the right networks to build future-ready solutions that benefit our planet and our people. 


We listened. We heard. Hence, Kula.

 - Business of Handmade, 2nd Edition

Kula represents our stubborn commitment to community-building and radical collaborations for a thriving cultural economy. 

A first-of-its-kind conclave

Kula Conclave aims to facilitate a dialogue between investors, industry leaders and passionate innovators building impact-led solutions in India’s cultural economy, especially its Creative Manufacturing and Handmade (CMH) sector.


The first edition of Kula was held in July 2023 in Bangalore.

Investors cultural entrepreneurs attending this one of a kind financing forum and conclave for enterprises in the creative and handmade sector.
Attendees at Kula Conclave write who they wish to work with, meet or collaborate with at the Kula Conclave in July

Future forward

Our team is overwhelmed by the response to Kula '23. Thank you attendees for your kindness!


Kula is more than just an annual event; it is a coming together like no other. If you believe that creativity, culture, community and capital can drive change that matters, join our tribe.


Let’s co-create the next Kula together!

Seemantini Mihir Studio Coppre speaking at Kula Conclave
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Immaculately conceptualised & executed 
“A meeting point for impact professionals and entrepreneurs that brought to the forefront not only ideas and insights but also the conviction that the sector needs more focus, finance, collaborations, partnerships to preserve our cultural heritage and support the ecosystem with adequate resources.”

Seemantini Mihir

Co-founder & Director - Branding & E-commerce, Studio Coppre

Want to build Kula with us?

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