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Our Community

A community of makers, doers, and creative strategists coming together to shape a new, regenerative economy.

The good folks behind the Conclave

  • Priya Krishnamoorthy, Chief Catalyst

  • Sneha Ullal Goel, Creative Direction

  • Megha Chauhan, Program Management

  • Shailja Sachan, Sustainability and Curation

  • Prachi Vajpayee, Operations

  • Mihir Doshi, Finance

Project Support

  • Amrutha Krishna

  • Lakshmi Sivaram

  • Shruti Grover

  • Xiaoyu Yao

  • Naren Laungani

  • Eisha Choudhary

  • Rashmi Salian

Special thanks to teams from NICEorg, Creative Dignity, Yunus Social Business Fund Bengaluru, Upaya Social Ventures, IDR, Berylitics and our amazing volunteers!

Thank you for your support throughout!

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Want to join our tribe?

 Write to us.

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